April 27, 2014

Back to Budapest

I love Budapest. Just absolutely adore it. If someone would have introduced me to aparthotels, I probably would have already made a couple more trips to Budapest..! An apartment operated similar to a hotel, five of us were able to spend three nights right in the city center for a fraction of the price of a hotel. I am hooked.. On Budapest... And aparthotels...

View of the city from the Liberty Statue.
   Aside from being my favorite city, Budapest is also a great place to spend Easter. In Europe, the holiday spreads over Sunday and Monday with many places closing. As long as you're not out to shop for clothing, in Budapest, you will still find restaurants, cafe's, souvenir shops and most other places open. There is even an Easter Market in the city center with fantastic food (we opted out of trying the turkey testicle stew though...).

Boldogi Nagyrozsa
    Up at the castle, there is a very traditional Easter Festival that runs from Easter Saturday through Monday. Along with great Hungarian Easter fare, there are enough activities that celebrate the Hungarian heritage to occupy a child for hours!

St. Stephen's Basilica
   On this trip, I found what could possibly be the best cafe in the world... I will dream of Cafe Central until the next time that I arrive in Budapest. If you arrive a little bit on the early side of the morning, there may be a cronut (a stately marriage of a croissant and a donut) waiting for you.

Cafe Central
      Centrál Kávéház (Cafe Central) is found on the Pest side of the city and is one of the oldest cafes in Budapest (est. 1887). An elegant interior and sometimes, someone playing at the piano - there may not be a better place to start the day.

The cappuccino that dreams are made of.

Traditional Hungarian Breakfast

Macarons at Central

Chain Bridge
   Composed of seven towers and a viewing terrace, Fisherman's Bastion stands up by the Buda Castle. Finished in 1902, the Bastion is named in honor of the fishermen that defended the stretch of city walls here during the Middle Ages and offers a wonderful view of the city below.

Fisherman's Bastion

View of Pest from Fisherman's Bastion

Closer zoom of the Chain Bridge and St. Stephen's Basilica

   All too quickly, it was time to board the train back to Poland and say good-bye to Budapest. Next though, is another wonderful trip to Krakow. So stay tuned... And as this post was a whirlwind tour, you can also read more about Budapest in this post from last fall.

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  1. Tina...what a wonderful read and such great photography! I definitely need to return to Budapest.