November 22, 2012

My Polish Pumpkin Pie

Wanting to share a little of the American tradition with his co-workers, Troy asked if I could bake a pumpkin pie. I figured this favor would either be easy or not so easy based on what ingredients I could find. In the end, it ended up being somewhere in the middle and completely fun at any rate. With a couple off the cuff substitutions, a squash that I wasn't sure how closely related to pie pumpkin (or even pumpkin at all), and a consultation with my mom (the queen of pumpkin pie), we have Polish Pumpkin Pie.

November 14, 2012

Poland and Holiday Culture

I rather messed up the other week by not posting about All Saints Day on November 1st. In my defense, I did not know what to expect and we were out biking and somehow I did not have my camera along. Next year I will indeed cover it as the day was remarkable.