July 27, 2012

A Polish Home.

Just as all of the work that we've put into our house here in Wisconsin was getting to an exciting point of looking like it could be finished one day, we've decided to jump ship and move to Poland! Our dream-house-to-be will still be here, awaiting our return and for somewhere around 2 years we will live in an apartment in the city. Did I mention that along with that also means we will have no construction.. No leaves to rake.. No black walnuts to gather by the barrow full... Ohh the sorrow.

The leader of this expedition was able to do some homesteading for his family and it appears as though we have found a new abode.

Entry to the 70 stair climb. Did he really say 70? I'm afraid he did.

Kitchen - The two coffee pots were a big selling point..!



Master Bedroom

Poppin's Room

Balcony View

I've started a suitcase of what I intend to pack, please remind me at the last minute to grab my knives, I won't make it in the kitchen without them! Also, I've packed my favorite sweaters and a stack of my favorite books that I've anxiously been wanting to read for about the last 5 years. I'm hoping now is the time for that. Me, this balcony, a book and a cup of coffee... Is it possible to read when there's also a two year old living in the house?