August 29, 2013

Castle Trekking: Silesia (Part Two)

Another day, another castle... The first castle today is Siewierz and the tour will end with my favorite of the bunch, Ogrodzieniec.

Ogrodzieniec Castle

August 27, 2013

Castle Trekking: Silesia (Part One)

This weekend we spent a total of two hours driving to visit five pretty cool castles in the region of Silesia. I'll cover three of them today and follow with the remaining two on Thursday.

Zamek Bedzin (Bedzin Castle)

August 18, 2013

Katowice: Airshow

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of life in Katowice is that you just never now what you'll stumble upon.

Katowice Airshow

August 16, 2013

Castle Trekking

It has been a busy summer! Between traveling through Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and a long return visit to Montana, I am posed with a tremendous amount of pictures and a bad case of writer's block!

   To get things rolling, I'll begin with Germany. More so, the region of Bavaria in which my visits revolve around three things; butter breze (a halved pretzel sandwiched with a thick slather of butter), bier (by the liter mugful) and leberkase (a thick slice of liver meatloaf sandwiched in a crusty roll with mustard).

Neuschwanstein Castle