January 30, 2014

Snapshots of Prague

We've only made a couple short visits to Prague (plus a couple stop-ins for a quick Starbucks fix while en-route to Germany). A very mystical and magnificent city full of Gothic beauty, it just isn't one of my favorites. For as stunning as the city is to view from the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, for me the culinary interests are too lacking.

View of Prague

   For people with interests that are deeper than what they will put on their plate for the day, I do see how Prague can be a favored destination. The Czech's do seem to have a lot of pride in their beer  - not a bad trait... But as far as dining goes, the meals seem to be over-priced and often lacking any heart from the kitchen.

   Now, if we put the food-snobbing behind us... We can move on to the real allure of the city.

Charles Bridge
    A boat tour (there are lots of offerings) down the Vltava River is a lovely way to "tour" the city. Although, you will also see oodles of paddle boats on the river, which also looked very tempting...

View of a water alley from Charles Bridge
The ever-crowded Charles Bridge

View from Prague Castle

   Now, if anyone has any advice as to where the good eats in town are, I'll gladly give Prague a third try..!

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