December 21, 2013

Christmas Market Tour: Dresden

In the city of Dresden, there are eleven Christmas Markets. We only attended two of them... The market in which we spent the most time was the Dresdner Striezelmarket which was celebrating the 579th anniversary of the first market held in 1434.

   The city of Dresden is a four hour drive from our house and although this was our second visit, both stays have been short and we still have some things to see here. One of them which looks exciting is a visit to the Transparent Factory (a Volkswagon factory that provides tours). We have been to one of the palaces (Pillnitz Castle) but there is a lot more to explore.

Dresden - Zwinger
   Germany's oldest Christmas market, the Striezelmarket is a beautiful combination of booths full of traditional gifts to lure in adults along with carnival rides and a splendor of Christmas whimsy to provide holiday excitement for the children. Not to mention shack upon shack of sausages, langos, baked apples and other sweets and holiday fare to tempt anyone after a mug of gluhwein.

Roof-Top View  

Selection of Potato Pancakes, Bratwurst and Currywurst

   The Striezelmarket began way back with a type of fruitcake now known as stollen. The stollen pastry is in dedication to Jesus Christ wrapped in linen cloth, hence the coating of powdered sugar around the loaves. Only the Original Dresden Stollen is allowed to be sold at this market - there is even a cabin on site where you can watch as the bakers prepare the loaves.

Loaves of Original Dresden Stollen

Dresdner Backhaus Stall

Roof Top
   If you are attending the market with a child, one of the highlights is the backhaus where children can bake their own sugar cookies. For further insight you can find my coordinating post.

Sugar Cookie Kitchen - Backhaus

   One night definitely was not enough here - even for just this one of eleven markets! Luckily we are continuing on to more markets around Bavaria as my thirst for gluhwien is just beginning. Not to mention a slight hunger for my beloved butter sandwiched pretzel... Tomorrow we move on to the very large and very dreamy Nuremburg Market.

Good Tidings!

Zwetschgenmännle - Prune Men

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  1. Great read! I so want to experience a Christmas market now! Love the photos too.